Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

09:00 – 16:00
Forum Business
£299.99 plus VAT

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The conference is designed to help you identify signs, offer practical actions for creating mentally healthy workplace and provide effective ways to look after your employees' wellbeing and tackle the stigma that unfortunately still exists.

New research conducted by Accenture has found that 9 in 10 UK workers have been touched by mental health challenges.

However only 27% said they had seen any positive change in employees speaking openly about mental health in their organizations and just 20% reported an improvement in workplace training to help manage their own mental health.

The UK workforce is making it clear - more needs to be done to support them in the workplace.

Furthermore, the cost to companies of stress-related absence is huge - with nearly a 37% of businesses seeing an increase over the last year according to a new report from CIPD. Not only is this a big cost, but it's also preventable.

Actively promoting the well-being of your staff and supporting those who are experiencing mental health challenges is essential.

Designing and implementing a framework that addresses employee mental health and wider well-being can increase engagement, productivity and support business growth - as well as help you to attract and retain the best talent.

Forum Business understand there are many practical challenges and obstacles to overcome in order to achieve and sustain healthy workplaces. Let them help you to tackle them. The Managing Mental Health in the workplace Conference will offer you practical advice, the latest best practice and implementable actions to help you develop your mental health strategy.

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