What do we mean by governance?

There is no one universal definition of governance, but it is a word used to mean the management of processes for making, implementing and reviewing decisions in an organisation.

Good governance holds these qualities:

  • Accountable – the organisation is able to report, explain and be responsible for the consequences of its decisions.

  • Transparent – the ways in which the organisation operates is easy to identify and understand.

  • Compliant – it complies with internal procedures, the organisation’s constitution (as set out in its governing document such as Articles of Association or trust deed) and the relevant laws.

  • Responsive to the relevant needs of the organisation over time, making the most of limited resources in a timely and appropriate away.

  • Participatory – so that relevant people can be involved in decision making processes.

  • Predictable – so that the same situations result in the same decisions.

  • Efficient – to avoid misuse of resources.

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