How do all players work as a team?

This is something the chair needs to lead on, ensuring that at meetings all board members contribute and there are no over-riding voices and no on-going individual pre-occupations; also that board members’ skills, wisdom and experience are fully used.

Given the skills and experience of board members, it is usually a sign of good governance if the details of board members are listed on the organisation’s website, with short biographies and, preferably, photographs which help staff and those outside the organisation to recognise board members and which also highlight the diversity of the board. Note also that Companies Limited by Guarantees (CLG) must keep its Companies House record up to date, with the names and correspondence addresses of all of its board members (which can be the organisation’s main address). Charities must also keep their Charity Commission records up to date.

Board members should be encouraged to attend as many events as possible, including those representing all the organisation’s activities. An annual social event attended by board members and staff helps general bonding. All board members should be supplied with each other’s contact details to enable ease of communication if so desired.

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