How are tasks divided between the board and management?



Draft, develop and review the mission and vision

Develop and approve the mission and vision

Prepare and manage the business model

Understand, develop and approve the business model and ensure the effectiveness of its delivery

Draft and manage strategy, planning process and risk

Develop, agree and monitor the strategy, planning process and risk register

Devise and implement programmes

Oversee and support programming policy, checking that the actual programme matches the policy

Manage legal and financial obligations

Ensure legal and financial obligations are adhered to

Appoint and appraise other staff and be mindful of their development and well-being

Appoint and appraise the chief executive/director/artistic director and be mindful of their development and well-being

Manage organisational change

Oversee organisational change

Manage Health and Safety, Safeguarding matters and ensure other policies are conformed to

Have responsibility for Health and Safety, Safeguarding and other policies

Prepare for board meetings; ensure appropriate staff prepare for committees

Attend board meetings and events, including committees when appropriate

Manage fundraising processes

Assist with fundraising and contacts

Lead the organisation

Advocate for the organisation

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