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Is good governance achievable?

By Yasmin Khan

A provocation on the topic of good governance, from the Governance Now conference, 13 November 2018.

"Effective governance by a board of trustees is a relatively rare and unnatural act…"

This provocative statement cited in a staple textbook on governance was posed by an enthused audience member to one of several lively panels at Governance Now on the theme of Spotting & Surviving Serious incidents, chaired by Prue Skene, Governance Associate of the Clore Leadership Programme.

Listen to a juicy nugget from the discussion here.

Here are some snippets from the discussion:

Panel discussion at Governance Now
Photo: Marta Demartini for Clore Leadership (2018)
“I don’t think good governance is rare - I think perfect governance is a fantasy. There’s a continuum between ‘good’ and ‘perfect’ that boards aspire to.”

- Ruth Lesirge, Chair, Association of Chairs

“Not enough attention is paid to the matter of governance at the start of a project. In the early days Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) was more excited about the capital project and had less focus on the governance of it. We’ve really shifted that now.”

- Sue Bowers, Deputy Director Operations, Heritage Lottery Fund

You can find out more about the issues discussed in a range of valuable online resources available through the CGA’s Knowledge Library.

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